My Sister's Closet 1516 Fairfield Rd. 598-2421

Clean, well laid out and good selection.
Some weeks they can be hit and miss.
Prices are good and clothing is clearly priced and sized.

Highest priced piece of clothing I've ever purchased here:


Baja Rosi 797 Goldstream Ave. 391-6033

Great selection, great staff, good prices, clean.
They have tons of small & medium sizes. Shoes, great bling and even greater purses.
Style & Verve. A must visit!
Highest priced item I've purchased here:
(one of the few consignment stores that have a web site, and its kept current too!)

Velvet Crease 1029 Cook St. 382-8849

The window displays are always an eye-full and invite you to explore the store.
My number one stop.
Great selection, well laid out, clean and very helpful folks.
Don't miss this one!
(a little high on the price side but well worth it!)
I've found Gucci, Hermes, CK, Fendi, Chanel, and Prada here.
Like all of the stores you have to visit frequently or you miss out!
Highest priced item I've purchased: $70

Victoria Hospice Thrift Boutique 1315 Cook St.


This little place is fab! In the 'boutique' section I've found many designer duds.
The prices are a mid-range. Clothes are in great shape, clean and pressed.
Well laid out.
Sizes are not always on the clothes.
This is a volunteer run store, proceeds go to hospice and the ladies are more often (than not) helpful.

Highest priced item purchased here: $65